"I need capital to grow my business, but I don't know how to raise it. Help!"

Sound familiar? If so, you've come to the right place.


Venduo Capital is a specialized business consulting firm dedicated to bringing capital to start-up, early stage, early growth and established growth companies in South Africa.

Unlike most other advisors, we partner with client companies to implement business planning, as well as operational and financial best practices in preparation for raising capital.

The industry expertise, hands-on operating experience and board-level relationships of our senior team help client companies accelerate growth and profitability through the capital raise, and the next phases of growth.

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SERVICES - Business plan

Development of an institutional level investor-ready business plan package. The package is designed to deliver what investment analysts need to see, the way they need to see it.

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SERVICES - Capital raising

We can help most companies secure one or more forms of capital. Entrepreneurs utilize our comprehensive business evaluation, financial modelling, and capitalization planning services to establish a clear and rational path to financial success.

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Bank Overdraft Facility;
Bank Term Loan Facility;
Bank Revolving Credit Plan;
Asset Based Finance;
Debtors/Invoice Finance;
Property Finance;
Trade and International Trade Finance;
Merchant Cash Advance;
Bridging Finance;
Growth and Acquisition Finance (mezzanine);
Private Equity;
Crowd Funding;
Angel Investors;
Government Agencies Finance;
Government Grants.

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